Cenforce 200 mg

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What is cenforce 200 ?

Cenfore 200 contains sildenafil citrate that is use to treat erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 200 is one of the most popular generic viagra and it is sold world wide. This brand is highly effective and does not give much side effects. Among other brands of viagra cenforce is very affordable and approved medication by FDA.

Is cenforce 200 safe

Yes, this medication is very safe and has lesser side effects. If you are healthy and not allergic to sildenafil then yes this medication is completely safe for you.

What is cenforce 200 used for

Cenfore 200 is used for the treatment Erectile Dysfunction(Impotency). It improves the flow of blood in the penile region resulting in the longer erection.

How long does cenforce 200 last

Once you consume cenforce, it works within 15-20 minutes and last upto 5-6 hours. The half life of this medication is about 6-7 hours and it gets flushed from body in 24 hours.

Where to buy cenforce 200

You can buy this medication from any retail pharmacy or an online store however retail pharmacy wont give you a best deal like online pharmacy. We have best rates on every medication plus the freshly manufactured medication.


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